NetbaseQuid, a social analytics company drug launch. 

NetbaseQuid is a marketing company that specializes in identifying the social drivers of drug launches and understanding the impact they have on society. As such, they realized they needed to hone their skills in order to better understand male-driven social trends and behaviors. To help them learn more about Irritable Husband Syndrome (IHS), the company decided it would be a great idea to ask other men what symptoms caused them stress and frustration with their wives or girlfriends. The results were telling — many men admitted that they had evidence of these signs but did not know who else was experiencing these same symptoms because it was not discussed openly within society. As a result, many men felt isolated, frustrated and isolated by these social signs.

In an effort to start a conversation about IHS and to identify the signs that can lead to these behaviors, NetbaseQuid is offering $200,000 for the first person who creates a website that connects online research about drug side-effects with other IHS related signs. The lucky winner will be given $100,000, half of which will go towards creating their site entirely. The other half will go towards working with NetbaseQuid in order to develop ideas for their site. In exchange for the prize, NetbaseQuid will receive 10% of all revenue from the site’s visitors.

The site, which is open to anyone who wants to identify drug side effects and symptoms which might lead to IHS, will be able to post all of its findings on a central hub. This hub, which will also be accessible by other users through social media, will allow users to find pages about IHS symptoms and those that report their own experiences with those symptoms. The records submitted through this site are anonymous so the company does not know who submitted what content or how it may have been correlated with each other.

The drug launch is modeled after a similar one conducted by Huggies. The company, which specializes in diapers and wipes, created a website called “Diaper Change for the Unsinkable Child” in which people submitted stories of being potty trained during the diaper years. The site received more than 2,000 submissions over the course of six months, and as a result was able to work with Huggies to find that there were some correlations between stories about IHS symptoms and poor potty training skills. The company promoted this correlation on their website, along with links to further information on how to use these signs as part of drug safety campaigns.

The NetbaseQuid drug launch, on the other hand, will be designed from the ground up to be a place where people can go to find information about drug side-effects and symptoms which may lead to IHS. They are hoping that this intersection of online research methods and social media will allow them to teach us all more about IHS and how we can identify it before something bad happens. 

The website and drug launch are open to anyone who wants to nominate symptoms, create a story of an identifiable symptom and personal experience with that symptom. Then, from this pool of information, the public is invited to vote on the symptoms they feel are most important. The top five resulting symptoms will be presented publicly on the site by September 1st, along with a list of other potential side-effects which might lead to IHS. These potential side-effects will be listed in order of how important people think they are as well as what their likelihood is to lead to IBS or IHS. The public will then be able to vote on the top five most significant side-effects to determine which one is cited most frequently by the general public, as well as which symptoms lead to IHS the most.

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