The Perks And Advantages Of Entering Law School In The United Kingdom

The study of law is among the most prestigious degrees to get in the world. Law programs are one of the top courses many students take worldwide. 

However, getting and studying in law school is not easy. You will get through a rigorous process to get through four years of dedicated study. 

Among many countries in the world, the United Kingdom is one of the best countries to study law. There are many great and top universities situated in the country. You need to check out the best UK unis for law.

No LSAT requirement to study law in the UK

One of the benefits of studying law in the UK is there will be no more LSATs. The Law The Law School Admission Test is a single-used test with the sole purpose of knowing who qualifies to enter the law school. The test is a common requirement for many law schools in the world.

The test is a great way to measure the student’s aptitude before enrolling in a law school. However, there are many critics of LSATs. It may seem like the exam is a gatekeeper for the law profession, which many opposes. 

The No LSAT requirement is an excellent benefit in studying law in the UK. Though some schools will ask for an LNAT or the Law National Aptitude Test, you will avoid paying for the expensive exam of LSATs.

The UK will only need the following requirements for your application to enter law school:

  • Transcript of records
  • Reference letter
  • Personal statement

World-class And Historic Law schools

The UK has the best law schools in the world. 

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford has a long history of over 800 years in the teaching and learning of law. Consistently, the Oxford Law Faculty ranks among the top three worldwide. The university has two courses, which are the following:

  • Course 1 – three-year course
  • Course II – four-year course

King’s College London

Dickson Poon School of Law at King’s College London is one of the oldest law schools in the country. The law school has a research and teaching reputation, superb among other law schools. The school offers the following law courses:

  • Law LLB and Politics
  • Philosophy & Law LLB

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is another top school in the UK. The university builds many top-notch and high of class law graduates. According to statistics, 98 percent of the graduates from the university are either employed or seeking further studies. 

Queen Mary, University of London

The School of Law at the Queen Mary University of London receives the 35th spot for the best university in the world. The result is according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject. Due to this, many law students are battling to enter the prestigious university. 

The university offers the following courses:

  • Law LLB (two years) 
  • Law LLB (three years)

Durham University

The Durham Law School ranked 3rd best in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. Some university graduates work as current members of the UK Supreme Court. Law graduates from the university found work in the parliament and big law firms.

The law courses offered at the university are:

  • Law LLM 
  • LLM International Trade and Commercial Law

Internship with a world-renowned law firm

The UK law degree enables students to have internship or work experience while studying. As a law student, having these big law firms’ names on your portfolio can pave the way for opportunities once you graduate. 

The UK is home to hundreds of world-renowned and international standard law firms. With these big names, many law students have a great chance for excellent training and higher career development. These law firms include Magic Circle law firms. 

These world-renowned law firms could be a great training ground for many law students to get a feel for how it is to be a lawyer in the future. These law firms are also good connections. You can use these firms as leverage after graduating from law school. 

Have internationally recognized qualifications

Law schools in the United Kingdom are one of the highest-recognized schools in the world. The law courses offered in the country are of a high standard. Graduating from a law school in the UK increases your odds of getting better employment opportunities. 

Many large and international law firms have offices located throughout the globe. These firms deal with international matters covering issues in the jurisdictional borders. Law school graduates from the UK provide better opportunities to work overseas.

In law school, they prepare you to get prestigious careers in the future. 

Some of the jobs are within the government or private practice. 

Law schools in the UK ensure that all of their law students will have a fair opportunity to work in enhancing their knowledge of the law. Law school is where you build not just your intellect of the law but your passion for protecting the rights of the people. 

Improve your academic skills and professional English

Law schools are no ordinary course or degree. You must possess higher analytical and technical skills. The ability to understand and comprehend English is one of the things you have to develop. 

The language of the law is English. Some statutes are hard to understand. Law schools in the UK help students improve their skills throughout the law school journey. 

Enrolling yourself in a law school will help you improve your communication skills. This way, you can find various careers fit for you after graduation. 

The training and studies in law school are rigorous. The universities train their students to develop a high ability to argue based on facts and evidence. Further, law students develop creative and problem-solving skills to help in the promotion of justice. 

The end note

Mostly, the law as a study is similar throughout the world. The end game is to provide social equality and promote justice to all citizens. 

Schools are institutions where you learn to develop your intellect and abilities. It also builds a framework for how you deal with people.

The UK law school brand will elevate your self-worth and brand significantly. Enrolling yourself in the best school gives you pride. It also motivates you to be a role model for everyone. 

Being a UK law student is beneficial. You will have connections to other students and law graduates worldwide. Thus, you will be welcome to the whole world of opportunities. 

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